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so, i'm uh.. 38 weeks pregnant. due on the 24th of this month.. and i'm getting contractions like no other.

not even dilated though. so, i really don't know what's going on down there with the little baby.

it's hot, and i'm starving.


I'm now 6 months preggo.

I go to the doctor again on Monday to see how the baby is doing. I keep hoping for that cute squid you've seen on that movie. The one with Will Smith and that other guy who seems to never make a different face even when he is happy. Or atleast something adorable like 6 kitties, but the chances of either of those is not there.

I've already seen the baby at 3 months. So I know it's not a mermaid baby...

It can morph. I do swim a lot.

I made Kris get up this morning to do yoga and a dance workout with me. He got more exhausted than I did and he's only gained 10 pounds. I'm carrying the soccer ball under my shirt and gained 30.

Today we buy lots of food!

I can't wait. I'm going to get some strawberry cow, varities of cereal and a shit ton of grapes.

OOOH it's going to be a day full of deliciousness.

We went to the river yesterday. Made fajitas and got even darker.

I love swimming.

Baby moves a lot lately.

It feels funny.

i am preggo.

5 months now.

Due in August.. August 20th.

it's crazzy!

loonng time.

had a birthday.

turned 22.

sucked ass.

ate some good shrooms.


pretty good.

kind of sick right now..

waiting for the boy to get here.

he's a looker!

rah rah rah rah rah

still in austin.

going back home soon.

wanting to see antone's furry face.. but that's not gonna happen.

in austin.

bout to hang out with miles.

having fun..

i smell bad.

I miss you Tyler Hell.

I miss you more than ever.

friday is halloweiner.

i am going as me but with a moostache.

it should be pretty sweet.

i am leaving for home next week.

i should be there [atx] onnnnn november 5th.


i am going to miss vancouver and my tahlyler.

terribly.. :(

some how i manage to ruin everything pretty

What the fuck!!!
to the drifters! in hopes that our paths cross again.
to the homesick! home is when we do meet again.

our histories, our futures, our foundations,
are hope. it's a way to never forget.

i'll say goodbye. and hope never to mean it.
our love and our hope. no nation or state can contain it.

if you call me up drunk, at four in the morning,
no matter the timezones or state lines away.
i'll be on buslines or burning up phone cards. just like i lived eight blocks away.

You know my drunk ass is always callin you up at odd hours to harass the piss out of you, to laugh with you or to cry in your ear. You still sit there though and listen to every word I have to say and still love the shit out of me even when I have dumb fuck talk falling out of my mouth.

You've always been there for me. Even more so this year... I'm fucking thankful to have someone in my life like you. You're truly my brother from another mother.

I love you my precious Antone.

You're the best.

Oct. 18th, 2008


My lips are chapped.

I've been smoking up all day...

I'm really baked.

We have a ghost in our apartment.

I have bad gas.

Casa De Chihuahua is bad ass.

I'm going to eat the fuck out of this box of chocolates.

They aren't mine. :|